The mediaeval Old Town with a relaxed atmosphere

Alba, 27 km from Asti, has an impressively fine mediaeval Old Town. The relaxed atmosphere of the town centre, where traffic is restricted, the beautiful buildings and towers from mediaeval times make a visit to Alba a most enjoyable experience.

The popular pedestrian zone of Via Vittoria Emanuele is the main artery leading through Alba and fondly called the Cia Maestra by the local inhabitants. It passes right through the historic centre, with its fine buildings in Renaissance and Art Nouveau styles.

As you wander along this busy street, you will come to the two imposing churches of Santa Maria Maddalena and Santa Cosma e Damiano, which are both worth a visit. Equally impressive are the city walls, an important defensive structure in the Middle Ages. Only a few of the watchtowers from those days can still be seen, but the towers between the Piazza Risorgimento and the Via Cavour are very well preserved.