Salami kissed fillet

Piedmont, the region of tempting delights. Here you hardly get past the savory cheese, the white truffles and the tasty risotto rice. Many salami specialties also seductively exude their delicious scent. And not to forget the well-known drops that crown the incomparable feast of the senses with their aromas.

Filetto Baciato

A treat with "wow effect" is the "filetto baciato" or "salami-kissed fillet". Our host Peter Müller serves the pleasure as an "aperitivo" with a glass of Roero Arneis. If you have tasted the Piedmontese glory, you will probably start looking for the unforgettable taste sensation in your own home country - but in most cases without success ...

The salami-kissed fillet is available at"Mario Truffa", a family-owned gastronomic specialty not far from our hotel. Tasting and buying of homemade salami, bacon, lard with herbs, sausages and other delicacies made of pure pork.

Mario Truffa